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Investing in a system from New Leaf gives you access to irrigation technology from Netafim and other World-leading irrigation brands.

As a Netafim main distributor, New Leaf’s customers benefit from a continuously expanding range of technologically advanced smart drip and sprinkler designs. New Leaf has more than 20 years experience using field-proven pioneering irrigation innovation throughout the UK.

We have helped our customers produce higher yields and better crops whilst using less resources, and since our beginnings we have developed systems that optimise growers’ results. Sustainable productivity, not only benefits your business but also our environment. New Leaf help empower its customers to use land, water and energy in a more efficient and responsible way, helping protect the World’s natural resources. Your customers demand this, New Leaf will help you to provide it.

  • Bag Irrigation Applications
    Bag Irrigation Applications
  • Pot Irrigation Applications
    Pot Irrigation Applications
  • Top Fruit Irrigation
    Top Fruit Irrigation
  • Vineyard Irrigation
    Vineyard Irrigation
  • Glasshouse Overhead Irrigation Applications
    Glasshouse Overhead Irrigation Applications
  • Tunnel Irrigation
    Tunnel Irrigation
  • Multispan Irrigation
    Multispan Irrigation
  • Misting & Propagation Systems
    Misting & Propagation Systems
  • Herb Irrigation
    Herb Irrigation